+ Sailing Plus

sail1Go sailing and learn English at the same time.  Learn or improve your sailing, or just have fun on a boat.  Nigel is a qualified sailing instructor and has his own yacht.

This option would be ideal for anyone from the novice sailor with a sense of adventure, to those who already work in the commercial or leisure maritime area and need to improve their English.  The maritime vocabulary required for any class of seafarer can be focused on and used in context.

You will be located on the edge of the Solent, probably the most famous sailing location in the world, so there will be plenty to see and explore.

The yacht is a Dash 750 trimaran which is fast, fun and exciting, but remarkably stable and easy to sail.  We can spend the week going on day sails to different locations around the Solent, learning to push the speed as far as we can, or go for a gentle cruise and anchor in a bay, having a swim and a picnic.  Whilst all this is possible, the itinerary will of course be weather dependant.  The aim will be to have at least 15 hours on the water during the week.